We are a family

We travel around the globe seeking out unique atmospheric locations to perform our signature intimate acoustic shows

Its only now since having our daughter and becoming parents ourselves that we recognise and embrace the deep ancestral influence that Ireland & Yorkshire had and still has over us

Chloe representing the rich Celtic heritage of Ireland and me Yorkshire

Our fiery red head daughter both

Our passion for music and live performance is in our veins but for some reason led us to Ibiza a place which is dominated by electronic music

Unbeknownst to ourselves we were compelled as if we were being guided by a higher force to bring back live acoustic performance to the Island to not only bring it back but to add our own warm personal touch as a family

We have helped to instigate a movement reminiscent of the 60s and 70s when the island would attract artists such as Bob Marley Dylan and George Harrison

Having secured a loyal following in Ibiza we set out to share our shows in other parts of the world

During our travels we came across so many wonderful people who became life long friends  essentially they became family and they are now part of our ever growing network of singer songwriters poets and performing artists

The original core musicians who supported us from the beginning and made this movement possible consist of platinum artist Alain Clark Amsterdam Sebastian Lilja Sweden Mateusz Adamzyck Poland Sinead White of Ireland & Lettice Rowbotham UK and we are already forever grateful to their dedication and love for World Unplugged

It is likely you will always see at least one of them at our next show

Funnily enough like many artists we are not that sociable when it comes to our daily lives you could almost call us introverts  so when we do put on a show we really go all out for us that is you catch us at our most sociable this way where we curate the energy and invite you into what we believe has an enchanting narrative from the moment you have secured your place to one of our shows

This way we still get to hide a little behind the magic behind our performance and you the audience

Every show is an insight into our real life and represents us and the attendees in a moment of where we really are now in the present

We do 15 shows a year only and found we could keep the feeling of intimacy by creating a large family of musicians and attendees who were loyal to our movement in the form of a membership system especially for those who loved the feeling of warmth and connection within our shows

This way we also get to see our wonderful friends from all walks of life and all parts of the globe and share the stage with them throughout the year

We essentially bring the circus to town but meet half of them there

We aim to provide elegance and pure live Unplugged performance to inspire you but most importantly unplug and suspend you in the present moment where time doesnt exist

Our 15 shows a year revolve primarily around Ibiza Amsterdam Warsaw Poland Badischl and St Gilgen Austria Malmo Sweden Dublin Cork Carlow Ireland London & Yorkshire we will also be curating shows in Germany and France in 2021 and we cant wait to see you at the next one

Justin Chloe little S ❤️